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Application Process.

At PMP we want to make the application process as simple and quick as possible. However there is some information we will require from you in order to meet Amazon’s requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions


Where Do You Begin?

It is an essential part of Amazon’s recruitment process that you complete their online application form. This takes just 5 minutes and asks for your contact details. Once this is completed you will be contacted by telephone by a member of the PMP Amazon recruitment team who will book you in for a branch registration session.

You can see our live vacancies here.


Registration Session

This is your branch registration - you will booked for a 2 hour registration session at our friendly, local branch during which you will complete all the paperwork needed before we can offer you a job start.

You will also give us your bank details in order to ensure that when you do start work we can pay you correctly!

During this session we will tell you all about the jobs available in Amazon and ask you what sort of work you would prefer to do - whether you want to be walking around or stood at a workstation so that we can offer you the most appropriate role possible.

You will need to bring identity documents to this session - we will send you a list prior to your registration of the type of documents we are able to accept.


Drug and Alcohol Test

As part of this 2 hour session, you will be required to undertake a drug and alcohol test in order to comply with Amazon’s requirements and to ensure that you are able to undertake the roles available.

This test will be carried out by a trained external tester approved by Amazon and is undertaken in the form of an alcohol breathalyzer test and then a saliva swab test for for any drugs. This takes a maximum of 10 minutes to complete, is painless and nothing to worry about.

If you take any prescribed medication you will need to bring the prescription with you to show the tester as some prescribed drugs could affect the outcome of the test.


Background Checks

Following your registration we are required to order a background check on your behalf - this will show PMP and Amazon any unspent criminal convictions that are on your record, this includes and driving offences, fines and cautions you may have received.

If there is anything that you think may show up, please declare this to us at your registration session.


Day Zero

Once the registration session is complete and PMP have offered you a start that you have accepted you will attend your Day Zero session on site at Amazon. This is Amazon’s Health and Safety induction session and runs for 5 hours. This will normally take place the day before your first shift starts and is paid at your normal hourly pay rate.

During this session you will be given a tour of the Amazon site, given training on Manual Handling and how to be safe at work to avoid injury and given a full health and safety briefing. Following this you will be tested on your knowledge of health and safety and what you have been shown so please ensure you are paying attention at all times! You have to pass this test to be invited to your day one shift.


Day One

Following successful completion of your Day Zero induction you will attend your first full shift during which you will receive training by Amazon’s training department on the job role that you have chosen to undertake; you will then be fully set up and ready to work in Amazon!