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Frequently Asked Questions.

Click below for answers relating to working for PMP Recruitment at Amazon.


Online Application

Why do I have to do the online application?


  Amazon has a standard online application for all Fulfillment Associate roles, and PMP Recruitment will be able to support you through the process.


Getting Paid

Will I need to fill out a timesheet?


No, its all done electronically using your swipe badge which will be issued to you by PMP during your Day Zero session.

What day do I get paid?


You will be paid every Friday. Week in arrears. Who doesn't like to be paid on a Friday!

I haven't been paid correctly, what should I do?


If you suspect that there has been a mistake made in the number of hours you've been paid for, please speak with a member of the site team who will be able to check the hours worked and the amount paid.

When does the pay week run from and to?


The working week for all jobs at Amazon starts on a Sunday and runs until Saturday


Working at Amazon

I've worked at Amazon before, do I have to do the registration again?


Yes you do, the reason for this is that we need to make sure your circumstances have not changed since your last employment, we also need to make sure you are up to date with any changes in policy or process at either Amazon or PMP Recruitment. In addition to this we need to perform a new Drugs & Alcohol test as well as a new background check.. But most importantly we will make sure we have the right bank details for you.

Is there a company bus to and from work during Peak?


Each fulfillment centre has a different structure in place for transportation. Your local branch will be able to answer this for you over the phone when we book your induction or when you come into branch.

Do you offer part-time shifts?


Perhaps, just not at present. We respond to the needs of Amazon and their supply chain, therefore our shift patterns could change in future should we have sufficient demand. This is reviewed on a weekly basis.

Can I change my shift pattern?


As part of our agreement with Amazon we would ask that you remain on your existing shift for 12 weeks before we would consider a change. This stability enables you to get to know the workplace and your role fully and ensures you have a successful induction and training period.

Do I need to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?


You might be asked to wear PPE in particular areas of the fulfillment centre, and this is for your own safety. If this is required it will be provided to you by PMP Recruitment. This includes safety boots, gloves and hi visibility vests.