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On Site Representative

It's a busy place to work and there's never a dull moment. 
I was pretty nervous when I started but I was made to feel welcome straight away.
I started as a packer, boxing up all the orders as they were ready to be dispatched but it wasn't long before I had the chance to move and work in other parts of the business. I've worked as a picker and in the dock as well so there's never been a time when I felt bored.
The agency team on site have helped me when I've had any questions and most importantly, I'm always paid on time. They let us know if we're doing well but they also want to help us if we aren't reaching our targets. It's good to know that we can ask for help rather than just getting told off.
I also played in the annual golf tournament so it's not all just work. I've met loads of great people and we have a good laugh in and out of work. 

I'm enjoying what I'm doing and I'd definitely recommend working through PMP Recruitment at Amazon.


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I had never done anything similar to the roles I first had when I joined the company but the support I received from PMP Recruitment enabled me to settle and succeed.