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HVH Lead


Ross started on Receive in May 2015. From here he was cross trained to stow process and due to having high percentages and rates he came to join the agency as a coach. Ross guided and helped associates for around 3 months, teaching them the process. From here he moved upstairs to be a heavy volume hiring lead (HVH) which he did over our peak season in 2015.

As this position was only temporary and finished in January, Ross was then offered a position working as an OAA but still with PMP, after this progression he applied for full time OAA and was successful in his application so became a full time Amazonian.

Ross has recently progressed again to become a HVH lead again with future ambitions to be a HVH manager.


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I had never done anything similar to the roles I first had when I joined the company but the support I received from PMP Recruitment enabled me to settle and succeed.