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Work Happy, Love Life.

It's a busy place to work and there's never a dull moment. I was pretty nervous when I started but I was made to feel welcome straight away!
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What's it like to have a job at Amazon?

Amazon are a company who are very customer focused and aim to provide the best possible service and experience to their customers. This allows for a very driven environment where any and all ideas to improve how things are done are entertained no matter the source. Every day is different and you're always kept on your toes as all manner of challenges appear, all in the name of delivering the best experience for the customer.
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PMP Our Commitment To You.

All associates who come into the business are a vital part of our team. Not only are Amazon our customers but so are the people we bring in to work. The PMP team are determined to help make everyone feel like part of that team and we're always on hand to smooth out any problems our associates may be experiencing. Our teams are driven to help our associates achieve the best they can and it's always a pleasure to let people know when they've done well.

Aligned With Amazon

Amazon is striving every day to be "Earth's most customer centric company" and at PMP, we're keen to play our part in helping them deliver. Like so many people, PMP staff are also customers of Amazon so know just how vital it is that everything is carried out in the correct way. We all want to to provide the best possible experience for all of our staff when they're at work because each and every person has their part to play. As we approach the peak period each year and so many future Christmas presents are being shipped from the Amazon buildings, it's a great feeling to be would be 'Santa's Little Helpers".