Basic Tips for Introduction

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Do not merely state “please find enclosed or attached my CV” this is not going to get you to the interview table, bear in mind that it is actually your covering introduction which can reflect your style of writing more than your curriculum vitae, in a nutshell it is the covering email or letter which puts flesh on the bare bones of your CV, because it is presenting a personal touch which your CV will lack.

Maximise your knowledge of the company you are writing to, gain relevant information from the internet, trade journals, newspapers or whatever resources are available to you, in order to get a full picture of the company thereby portraying your relevant skills and demonstrating an accurate picture that you will fit into that company’s culture.

A survey of employers stated that: 46% wanted candidates to submit a cover email or letter for every job; 27% regarded that it was not that relevant and 27% had no preference.

As regards the length of the covering introduction the same survey stated: 21% of employers favoured a full page; 44% preferred half a page; 11% had no preference; and 24% were of the opinion that the shorter the better.