MS office has a number of very good templates to use, pick one and write your CV around it.

  • Choose an attractive style, keep it simple, and avoid boxes, graphics and also photos.
  • Get your fonts right Tahoma and Verdana are the best
  • When you email your curriculum vitae, use 10 point size to give yourself space.
  • Limit yourself to a maximum of two pages.

The Preparation
Before starting to write your CV, take out a clean sheet of paper and ask yourself:
What do I want them to know about me?

What makes me an attractive proposition?
Example: I want to tell them that I am such a good sales manager that my team has consistently over-performed despite the industry downturn.

Example: I want recruiters to know my methods of dealing with people and strategies which I set up; have made it possible for this organisation to hold together despite a merger and subsequent redundancies.

At this stage, don't worry about the words just the messages that would impress someone who might recruit you.

Forget about your personality: do not tell them you are enthusiastic, tenacious, and good at teamwork. Paint a picture to shows these.

Then start writing your curriculum vitae around this message.