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There are some disturbing trends in today's generation where youth and children prefer to play games on computers or mobile phones than to read a book; as a result the standard of written communication skills has been in decline for quite some time.

However, to sum up the importance of writing skills consider the quotation of Sir Francis Bacon:

“Reading makes a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man.”

Getting a Job
Writing is an essential job skill and it is increasingly important for people to possess adequate writing skills, because every job applicant wants their CV, as well as their cover letter, to stand out and efficient writing skills equips you to communicate effectively thus it is a major step in being considered for a job.

A person is judged by the quality of writing which he/she possesses and if the writing is devoid of mistakes, we tend to create a good impression about the writer.  Pay particular note to the following:

  • Writing is the primary basis upon which your work, your learning, and your intellect will be judged in the workplace.
  • Writing expresses who you are as a person; you will either be perceived as a meticulous or sloppy writer,
  • Writing promotes your ability to pose relevant questions.
  • Writing equips you with the necessary communication skills which you need to participate effectively in every-day business.

Job Application Form: 
As recruiters we receive hundreds of applications and if one is to stand out then it must be noticed by using:

  • Content which is impressive and unique
  • Credentials must be presented in an elegant systematic fashion
  • There should be no grammatical errors and content should be concise and accurate.

Ability to Explain
A candidate must be particularly cautious with regard to the tone and meaning of the language, grammar and spellings, so that the reader can easily decipher the intended meaning of the content.  Allow a reader to understand your CV in a simple and concise way; there is nothing more irritating for the reader than to have to re-read a sentence to try and make sense of it.

Strong Written Communication Conveys Intelligence, Professionalism and Attention to Detail
When you prepare a CV or fill in an application form, this is your opportunity to sell yourself  by articulate and persuasive writing skills; bear in mind some employers will immediately disregard an application if there is a single grammatical, spelling or punctuation error.  Furthermore, employers will pay particular attention to a candidate’s writing skills in responses to questions set out in an application form.

Sadly, nowadays, writing skills are being neglected but if an applicant or employee of a company wants to make a good impression the art of superior writing is essential.  A little effort to perfect your standard of writing will set you apart from your peers.

Technology Makes Your Writing Visible to a Huge Audience
We use written communication more regularly now than ever before. Text messages, social media posts and e-mails are all methods of communication which completely rely on written words.  E-mail communications when sending your CV are extremely important, bear in mind that most jobs today require workers to send e-mails to prospective or current clients and customers, and a poorly worded message could have a negative impact.  E-mail interactions with potential customers can be evaluated.

Job Performance Employers significantly consider writing skills in not only hiring, but also promotion decisions. If an employee is promoted to a management position in a company, the relevance of written communication also increases because it is an imperative ability, as in any leadership role the image and representation of the company is at stake.

A recent survey stated that almost 30% of our work is accomplished through written communication! Therefore, the skills of tactful writing are essential for achieving career and business goals.

Communication – Image of a Company
Writing conveys a message internally and externally for an organisation and whether preparing internal memos, e-mails or sending letters to company clients, you express an image in the standard of your writing. An employee who drafts a letter must not only articulate the intended message, but project a professional image for the business; because good writing skills can make your material easier to understand, more respected, and actually paid attention to.