Interviewee Challenging a Timid or Inexperienced Interviewer

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Interviewee Challenging a Timid or Inexperienced Interviewer

Potential employee challenging that difficult inexperienced interviewer
A candidate should always keep in mind prior to interview the possibility of being interviewed by a poor inexperienced interviewer.  Not all interviewers are professionally trained and most people have encountered an unflattering interview purely because of the interviewer’s lack of experience and professionalism. 

Although, the interviewee will feel they have completely wasted their time and effort in preparing for the interview, it is important to remain positive and polite. 

The interviewee could take the opportunity of leading the interview and suggesting the interviewer pass on the interviewee’s curriculum vitae to other departments within the company should any future vacancies arise.

The timid interviewer
Does a timid interviewer exist?  Yes.  Some people do not like the responsibility of being in the limelight and would prefer to ask questions rather than the interviewee asks them questions.  An interviewer could appear nervous because of insufficient knowledge of the company’s history or a lack of knowledge on employment law.

How does the interviewee cope with this?
The interviewee needs to remember that first impressions stick and it is the interviewer who has the power to take the candidate to the next stage of the company’s recruitment process.  Therefore, the interviewee needs to put the interviewer at ease, to accept and be casual but remain professional concerning  the response to a question, which the interviewer has asked, as clearly pushing the interviewer too hard on a subject will make the interviewer irritable. 

The poor inexperienced interviewer will not have the ability to express the company’s culture and therefore will not have the credibility to make the correct candidate-fit-job.

However, as far as possible get the interviewer to be crystal clear and concise about pay, sick leave, hours of work, targets and general policies of the company.

Lack of interviewer’s knowledge of the history of the company
The interviewer should have good chronological detailed information regarding the company’s history.  There is so much information on the internet that a candidate will have probably taken the time and effort prior to interview to become familiar with the background of the company.

Therefore, if an inexperienced interviewer cannot answer an interviewee’s question regarding a company matter, this will create a negative impression and ultimately damage the company’s employer brand.

Completing the interview
The interviewee must often repeat their enthusiasm to the interviewer.  If the interviewer has been unprepared, or has seen many applicants for the same job in one day, it is the responsibility of the interviewee to create a lasting impression by demonstrating a willing, flexible and hard-working attitude, as some interviewers are inexperienced in aiding candidates to give complete answers to interview questions.

Place of Contact
The interviewee should inform and remind the interviewer, if they require any further information where they may be contacted.  It is important for the interviewee to connect with the interviewer.