Investing in our people… Retain… Retrain… Redeploy

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Investing in our people… Retain… Retrain… Redeploy

A fresh approach to the candidate journey, Retain, Retrain, Redeploy (or Project RRR) allows the Cordant Group to deliver the best candidates in the marketplace.

As a Social Enterprise, part of our mission is to keep colleagues in employment, develop the shining stars, and invest in each worker's future - RRR allows us to do exactly that!

People are at the heart of everything we do and although we are a trusted supplier of both permanent, and temporary workplace solutions we never like to see colleagues return to unemployment.

To avoid this we have committed to investing in our colleagues through training opportunities, utilisation of the apprenticeship levy and redeployment to other sites or roles within our business

Introducing our Gold Standard Candidates

The Cordant Gold Standard Candidate Pool is a database of job seekers who have already been given the seal of approval. These candidates have historically worked in roles across our Group, have reached the end of their assignment and are now waiting to be placed in new opportunities.

We have first hand experience of the workers who form our Gold Standard Pool; their ethics, strengths, attitude, persona, as well as their education, employment history and aspirations. This insight allows us to deliver personal, career guidance to help candidates achieve their goals and to ensure we place only the best people into our client’s businesses

The Gold Standard Candidate…

  • Is already fully trained

  • Has a clean absence and attrition record

  • Is hardworking, enthusiastic and motivated

  • Is a valued team player

  • Is open to new challenges and development

  • Has passed their background checks

  • Is trusted and reliable

For more information please contact your Cordant or PMP Sales or Site Representative