The majority of job hunters under-estimate how useful their network of contacts can be, but as with anything in life whether you are an athlete in training or a student looking for your first job the more you put in, the more you will get out, ‘no pain no gain’.  Therefore allocate sufficient time each day to promote your personal network; it must be a planned and continuous effort and bear in mind that 65 to 80% of all jobs are found through networking.

Adopting the traditional approach
Job fairs are a great place to interact with representatives of companies, but it is important to remember to ask for contact details with each person you meet and take into account that not every business will recognise your potential; however the contacts may nevertheless be useful with your job search.

Digital expansion
Present-day techniques of making contacts include networking online such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – this line of approach offers you an enormous audience to showcase your knowledge and at the same time create new connections.

Operate your network
By way of multiplying your network of links the probability of you obtaining employment will substantially increase but it is important to frequently keep in touch with your present network because you want to maximise your search to full potential. It is vital that you develop friendly relationships with people who can inform you of impending job opportunities. Just by talking to people you get information, advice and referrals; thus you will discover the hidden job market.

Have the right mind-set
Be patient and steadily cultivate relationships with people rather than expect instant results. Have the right tools to hand such as business cards and up-to-date CVs.  Make an effort to meet new people, ask people in your network about others who can help you to get the information you need, circulate and get out of your comfort zone, push yourself to present yourself in a positive and professional manner.

“It’s not what you know it is who you know”
This sums up in a nutshell the relevance of networking; many jobs are found through personal contacts and networking is essential for career success.

As recruiters we understand completely that networking is a learned skill, some people are better than others but it is simply a case of mastering it.  We are attentive to the power and influence of ‘effective talking’ and it is crucial in order to build networking activities to achieve current and future targets.

A company’s most important asset is its network; business life is all about connections and maintaining contact.  Business contacts are valued relationships with genuine people and it is important to keep any network current.  It is absolutely necessary to keep in touch with your network as this creates a level of trust which equals success and opportunities!