Take More Risks in the Workplace

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Take More Risks in the Workplace

Not many people in the workplace are risk-takers; most people are more likely to stay within their comfort zone. In fact, not taking risks at work can actually limit your growth and slow down your future career development.

So how can we inspire ourselves to take more risks?

  • Consider Worst-Case Scenarios

Consider the most severe possible outcome and the consequences when you’re planning a new project or in a given situation at work. Ask yourself how confident you are and is it a risk worth taking?


  • Depend on Your Network

If you ever feel defeated and can’t take on a new challenge, it is important to rely on your support network. They can help to rebuild your confidence and assist in the decision making process.


  • Reframe Failure

No one wants to fail, but it is inevitable that some decisions at work may do so. It is a natural part of our career journey,  just like the daily roadblocks and bumps we experience. Reviewing the failure and evaluating what you have learnt from it will help you avoid the same mistakes in the future.


If you stop hesitating and want to step outside your comfort zone, use these three strategies to take the first steps.