Do not panic if you are presented with a test as this will prevent you from doing your best and bear in mind that panic can affect areas of the brain.  It is therefore important to remain calm and relaxed in order to achieve your best result.

Psychometric Tests
A psychometric test is an objective way for an employer to measure accurately the capability of a candidate to carry out effectively the job in question.  The influence of psychometric testing is that there is a convincing connection between the test result and job performance, for instance, if a candidate scores particularly high then in all likelihood they will be successful in carrying out the job.

How do you as a candidate prepare yourself? This is simple – practise and do not be afraid of the actual test.

There are several types of psychometric tests:-

Personality Profiles
Answer honestly but with the company and job role in mind, there is no right or wrong answer, the employer is trying to find out your personality.  It is often the case that a company will have a list of competencies which they are looking for in each specific job role.  Every single reply to a question should be honest as you want to present an accurate overall picture of your character.

Be aware that a personality test can ask the same question twice but worded differently, this is not intended to trick you but to see how strongly you may appear on a particular subject.

Aptitude Tests
The key factor here is to be fully conversant and accustomed to the style and format of an aptitude test, as this will enable you to focus completely on the test rather than waste valuable time because you are nervous with this particular presentation and method of testing.

Bear in mind that maintaining concentration is crucial, time is of the essence and you do not want attention to detail to be distracted or become fatigued, this is why practise in this area is essential.

Psychometric tests are like being involved in a marathon but occasionally you will have to sprint in order to achieve your maximum score.

Numerical Reasoning Test Tips
Read the question carefully it is very easy to incorrectly read something such as a graph, figures, dates, percentages, diagram etc., it is a good idea to quickly re-read to be clear of what is asked and how you will apply your answer.  Take your own calculator you will be familiar with the layout and specific functions of each key.  Take some rough paper if you want to quickly work something out, as this will save time especially if you have to return to a calculation mid-way.

Verbal Reasoning Test Tips
Many candidates fall into a trap here and the key point to bear in mind is to take each word literally and remember you are asked questions based only on what information you are given in a specific passage; it will become difficult if you attempt to make assumptions about information that you are not precisely provided with in the passage.

Why not ask for feedback?
If you are unsuccessful and not recruited it is a good idea to ask for feedback because you will then be able to eventually improve your score.