What Not To Say at an Interview

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Regardless of how confident you may feel during an interview, there is always the possibility of you saying something which could cost you the job.of you saying something which could cost you the job.  Therefore, instil the following into your mind and avoid mentioning:

  • “I did not like my previous boss and I had problems with colleagues.” It is completely unprofessional to bad mouth anyone at an interview, least of all a current or previous employer.
  • Never ask “What exactly does the company do?” This shows you have not prepared for the interview and have little interest.
  • “I have no questions to ask and I think you have covered everything.”

Questions are as important as answers.

  • Do not mention holidays.  This is discussed as part of the package when and if you are offered the job.
  • Avoid talking about pay – it is up to your interviewer to discuss this.
  • Do not declare to be perfect – the interviewer will undoubtedly ask you what your weaknesses are – admitting to having one or two weaknesses this is normal and acceptable.  Prepare an answer so you are not put on the spot – a bad answer could be critical, but bear in mind what you consider to be a weakness another may consider it to be a strength.