A snapshot into the future of the North West

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The North West of England has a £120 billion economy, bigger than 15 EU countries, a population of nearly seven  million people and over 240,000 successful businesses England’s North West operates on a truly international scale.

It consists of Manchester, one of the best cities in Europe to locate a business; Liverpool, one of Europe’s fastest-growing economies and was European Capital of Culture in 2008, as well as holding the Festival of International Business (June & July 2014); Cheshire, home to AstraZeneca’s largest global R&D centre; Lancashire, a world leader in advanced manufacturing and engineering; and Cumbria, at the international cutting-edge of nuclear technology.

The North West has airports serving over 270 destinations worldwide, fast rail links across the UK, extensive motorway networks and a peerless technological infrastructure, it is easy to see why England’s North West is a compelling choice for overseas business investment.

Manufacturing is a major generator of wealth for the North West of England. The region has the largest manufacturing sector in the whole of the UK, with just over 323,000 manufacturing employees in the North West of England. This represents 14% of total employment in the sector nationally, the highest figure of any UK region.

This reports outlines:

  • Key industries and major companies situated in the North West of England
  • Key Point of Interest
  • Significant Aspects of North West Cities
  • Future Outlook of the North West
  • Potential Threats to North West

You can download the full report here.