The changing nature of work will shape global business in 2015

Employment skills for 2015 are extremely important as the future of the UK’s business competiveness is connected to the quality and skills of the current and incoming workforce.

More than half of British businesses are planning to expand their workforce this year with jobs anticipated to be created in all UK regions (Scotland will have the most job growth and opportunities). Professionalism, enthusiasm and a can-do attitude are the top traits which employers are looking for in new recruits this year. Although more than half of businesses situated in the UK will take on more staff this year, a lack of skills could hold back the economy.

Whose responsibility is it to up-skill the workforce?

A more skilled workforce generates a more motivated workforce, which means better productivity and skills for the individual employee is a matter of how much they earn. Skills are a crucial driver of social mobility; also for the wider economy, as well as international competitiveness, the availability of a highly skilled workforce is extremely significant.

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