Scotland has some key competitive advantages from its academic excellence and skills base to its business infrastructure and natural assets. Scotland is a country rich in opportunity and bursting with innovation, with many competitive qualities that make it an attractive place to do business, invest, learn, live and work.  The number of people in employment in Scotland has increased by 50,000 over the past year, reaching a record high of 2,612,000.

  • The level of unemployment has fallen by 20,000 over the year and by 79,000 
  • The Scottish unemployment rate of 5.7%  remains below the overall UK rate
  • The number of people claiming Jobseekers Allowance has fallen by 24.9% 
  • More women in employment than ever before 
  • Over the past four and half years employment has risen by 167,000
  • Unemployment has fallen by 61,000
  • The sharpest increase in new jobs was in Aberdeen
  • Edinburgh isthe top city for part-time and temporary work last month (January 2015)
  • The IT and computing sector had the biggest increase in new jobs
  • Nursing and medical care work was the fastest growing for temporary jobs

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