Northamptonshire’s Strategic Economic Plan To Create 32,500 new jobs.

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Northamptonshire’s strategic economic plan is that by 2021 the region will have delivered 32,500 new jobs and 37,000 new homes and by 2031 increasing to 80,000 new homes and 70,000 new jobs.

Northamptonshire is the place for growth - perfectly positioned at the heart of the country and the crossroads of the rail and road network, providing a premier location for inward and local investors. By 2021: Northamptonshire will have emerged stronger from the economic recession and moved to a path of sustainable and high economic growth driven by the expansion of its vibrant and diverse private sector, its key sector strengths and its wide ranging assets across the county.

Business Competitiveness
The Northamptonshire economy has returned to growth more quickly than the national economy. This reflects in part of the dynamism of the local economy based on SMEs and higher rates of start-ups and self-employment.

Improving skill levels in Kettering and Northamptonshire is essential to driving economic growth, and meeting the current and future needs of employers. This needs to operate at both supply and demand level, with the employment generated requiring higher level skills and those occupying these positions being better qualified. This will support overall GVA growth and reduce net outward employment migration of those best qualified.

The main priority is to address the shortfall of skills at every level, particularly to ensure that the current and future needs of employers are met. There is also a need to stimulate the demand for higher skills, as despite having higher than average levels of managerial, director and senior official levels; this is not reflected in comparable qualification levels. Without local demand, such skills will either not be taken-up, or residents with these skills will work outside of Northamptonshire and without supply, businesses will move away or establish themselves elsewhere.

Northamptonshire is extremely fortunate to have significant development land available to accommodate its ever increasing demand for employment land. A number of major sites have therefore been identified to support the 70,000 jobs to be created by 2031, of which it is anticipated that 35,000 will have been created by 2021.

Seven sites have been identified and prioritised by partners, given the capability of these to attract early investment, download our report to find out more.