PMP are investing in the future of internal colleagues by introducing a new and improved personal development review (PDR) process which will ensure every individual is mentored, nurtured and developed throughout their career.

The review aims to open up lines of communication between colleagues and their line manager in order for them to explore and develop any career aspirations and goals.

PMP’s PDR scheme is designed to give structure to a colleagues career path whilst giving them a voice and allowing those who are fully engaged to focus on their progress and future needs.

By allowing dedicated time to team members throughout the year, managers are able to identify areas of improvement, further development and set objectives to guide them up the ladder. Progress is mapped over 6 month periods, or more regularly for those who show real potential.

PMP PDRs aim to:

  • Review performance and progress against previous objectives set

  • Provide a framework to discuss achievements and development

  • Provide an opportunity for constructive discussion of job and career aspirations

  • Provide an opportunity to discuss workload and work-life balance

  • Identify clear job and development objectives and priorities, and how they can be achieved

All manager and site teams will engage in the PDR program, along with any supervisors and long-term colleagues who have shown a willingness to grow within the business.