The gender pay gap is increasingly becoming a hot topic. The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017 legally requires UK organisations with over 250 employees to publish their annual gender pay gap report; in order to provide organisations with a benchmark for their industry.


This is the first time, not just in the UK but in the World, that this data has been collated. The report revealed that nearly 80 percent of companies and public-sector bodies in the UK pay men more than women [April 2018]. As a Social Enterprise, PMP has a dedicated project team working on bridging the gender pay gap by analysing data, reviewing roles and aligning hourly pay.


PMP Recruitment is one of the largest high volume providers of flexible / contingent workforce solutions, predominantly to clients within the distribution, logistics, warehousing and food processing sectors, and welcomes the opportunity to publish it’s gender pay gap report.


This annual report includes the difference between mean and median pay of men and women, the difference in the bonuses they receive and the proportion of each gender receiving a bonus.


Click here to read our Gender Pay Gap Report.


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