PMP have launched a confidential hotline to support modern slavery eradication

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PMP have launched a confidential hotline to support modern slavery eradication

To help ensure modern slavery and human trafficking is not taking place within any part of its business or supply chain, Cordant Group, PMP’s parent company has launched a confidential hotline which allows employees to raise concerns of exploitation without fear of repercussion.

Cordant regards the security and protection of colleagues as the number one priority and has operated various employee helplines for a number of years. These will be re-launched as part of a broader initiative designed to promote greater education and awareness on the subject of Modern Slavery and the company’s zero tolerance policy towards it.

The hotline will form a key element of the Group’s Anti-Modern Slavery Policy, and it will be promoted during inductions, on wage slips, in worker handbooks and on notice boards around sites nationwide.

Specially trained telephone operators will categorise each call and, depending upon the potential severity, will escalate it to the appropriate level of management to investigate and respond. The Cordant Group compliance team monitor all responses and report to the senior leadership Team on a weekly basis.

Chris Kenneally, CEO at Cordant Group, said, “Conservative estimates suggest there are currently between 10,000 and 13,000 victims of modern slavery in the UK and both the Government and businesses have acknowledged this is a growing problem.

“We want to ensure that Cordant Group is leading the way in the fight against modern slavery and human trafficking by raising awareness and taking necessary action. We are working with the relevant organisations and doing everything we possibly can to send the strongest messages to the criminals involved. On the flip side we are also looking at ways to support the victims both through fundraising and employment opportunities.”