It’s 15 months since the UK government triggered Article 50 and just 9 months until the UK leaves the European Union (EU). But what does that mean for companies who are reliant on migrant workers from Europe?


Figures show that the number of EU nationals applying for UK jobs is decreasing dramatically, as many EU citizens are concerned about their rights to stay in the country after Brexit. So what can we do to help manage the effects of Brexit as a recruiter?

Review your hiring demographics

Use demographic segmentation to identify your candidate pool. For example, look at their location, age, gender, income, religion etc and consider alternative options to meet demand.


Revise candidate attraction strategies

In a candidate driven market, attracting the best possible candidates to meet demand is becoming increasingly important. Utilise social networks to build a good relationship with your potential employees and make them actively engage with you.


Manage relationships at every part of the recruitment journey

Review your recruitment process regularly and look at how you can optimise the workflow to reduce dropouts and improve time to recruit. We need to take steps to prevent losing good candidates, especially throughout the hiring process.

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