Once upon a time, there was a company called PMP Recruitment - who assisted clients in improving their operations, helped candidates find the perfect job, and ensured talented colleagues achieved their career aspirations.

PMP were focused on changing lives and being the most ethical agency in the marketplace. To do this teams from across their national network formed Project Seed, which was made up of 5Ps; People, Promotion, Productivity, Progression and Performance.

Throughout 2017 PMP delivered many transformational initiatives to improve their business, and by October everyone was excited to start planning for 2018.

So... on a crisp, cool, but pleasantly sunny Autumn day the entire PMP Management Team gathered in Sutton Coldfield to begin brainstorming how they could make a difference in 2018.

Lots of amazing ideas were flying around the room… “Let’s do this”... “How about that?”... “That’s brilliant”... “Wow”... the team were on a roll!

Then...something unexpected happened.

The room went dark, and as the light began to seep back in, mouths dropped… someone, or something, was standing on the table. As everyone's eyes began to adjust they started to make out shapes, features and bright red fur.

“Hello!” said the figure, who by now was flashing a big, toothy, yet friendly grin, “I’m Maximus”.

I’m the Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal Monster and I’ve been sent here to turn all PMP’s fantastic ideas into ambitious, transformational, innovative, life changing, groundbreaking…”

The monster’s huge paws were flying around with excitement and enthusiasm, he continued;

“... BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOALS!” He froze, looking proud and slightly out of breath.

Still stunned everyone in the room looked at each other, then looked back at their new guest.

“So are you ready to change the world?” Maximus added with infectious energy.

“YES!” called out the audience, before applauding and rising to their feet.

“...Well let’s get to work

- To be continued -