Why is it important for every city to progress?



People in the UK expect two things from their Government: the right to be kept safe and a strong economy, but for Britain to prosper “all” cities must prosper. It is not possible to have a strong national economy without strong cities.

At Cordant Recruitment we appreciate that cities are at the centre of a country’s economic fortune and play a critical role in attaining long-term growth and reducing structural deficit, steady income for all and plentiful skills makes a city flourish also solid employment means good health.

Employment is fundamental to good health as unemployment and economic inactivity brings depression, mental health problems as well as crime. Cordant Recruitment firmly believe that everyone has the right to work for a living as well as a free choice of employment and regional economic growth must be spread evenly throughout the whole of the UK.  However, linking vocational studies with local job opportunities is the key element for every city because companies that require well-educated skilled employees, and accordingly pay rewarding salaries, will advance in cities that supply such workers but may be compelled to leave a city which lacks such workers.



Cities are the engines of strong economic growth for the country and it is imperative for each city to understand effective demand and maintain a skilful workforce because cities propel the innovation and enterprise that spur long-term prosperity, thus incomes and wages can increase throughout an economy only when productivity increases.

Cities have many tools to increase their productivity such as the education of their workforce and training systems; there is an obvious and convincing connection between the educational achievement of a city’s workforce and the median wages of that city. Research and evidence at Cordant Recruitment indicates that cities that improve the standard of education of their workforce witness greater productivity.



The following document outlines the particular strengths and future economic developments of some the UK’s major cities.