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International Greetings UK Ltd has been working with PMP Recruitment for over five years. Initially they were introduced to support the main temporary labour provider.  Within a matter of months PMP proved to us that their capabilities far exceeded the other providers we had, and as such we made PMP our sole provider of temporary hourly paid workers.

PMP very quickly forged a relationship with International Greetings and we very much feel that we have a partnership with them, which I see is the key to having a successful agency worker solution. They understood our needs and provided good, effective on-site support. They have ensured that the persons that have worked on-site blend well with, and totally engage with the management in the business.

Gavin Rees as the Regional Manager has acted responsibly and professionally throughout the last five years and has a good team of people around him that have the same high standards.

They provide good up to date statistical data weekly and Gavin and his team regularly meet with us to discuss any issues or even if there are no issues they still meet to ensure we are happy with the service.

Their response to any requests or issues is prompt and effective.

When the Agency Working Directive was introduced, they came to us with sensible, workable solutions and working together we came up with something that suited the business.

We audit PMP regularly to ensure they comply with our ethical standards, and they are only too pleased to assist us in this arrangement and they match or exceed all the criteria we expect from them.

We have just agreed to our sixth consecutive year with PMP, which in this day and age is testimony to the good work they have done and the satisfaction we feel, and as long as they maintain the high standards that they have achieved to date, I’m sure our association / partnership will continue.

Craig Flay
Human Resources Director
International Greetings UK Ltd