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Job hunting during a pandemic: Top tips to keep you on track

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Job hunting can be both stressful and daunting, however, job hunting during a pandemic can feel like a never-ending task. Whether you lost your job prior to COVID, due to redundancy or are looking to switch employers, we’ve collated our top tips to keep you on track with your job search.

Break it down into small and manageable tasks

Endlessly scrolling through job boards, clicking apply and filling out application forms can become unbearable and can often lead to putting you off your job hunt entirely. Instead of skipping days and potentially missing out on opportunities, set yourself a daily task of applying for at least two jobs.

Be smart with your job hunt

You could even stop scrolling through the job boards altogether. Many job boards now offer the option to sign up to email alerts for new jobs posted in your industry and in your location. Subscribe to these lists and you’ll get daily alerts with all the new opportunities available, ensuring you don’t miss out on your perfect job opportunity.

Be patient after applying for a role

Many recruiters are now working from home and they will not have the luxury of working in their usual office so may be low on resources. Recruitment processes that had previously been streamlined in an office environment can take longer when working from home, therefore recruiters may take longer to get back to you. However, a polite phone call or email asking for an application status update is completely acceptable. 

Virtual Hiring

As we mentioned above, more recruiters are working from home so be prepared to be invited to a virtual interview. Different companies have different processes and stages in their recruitment process so make sure you read up on them to gain an idea of what you may be required to do.

Use your spare time wisely

There are plenty of online opportunities to brush up on existing skills or to gain a completely new qualification. This will ensure you are keeping your mind active but it will also show employers that you are keen and interested in your personal and professional development. Click here for the latest resources to develop your skills and career.

A key point to remember during your job hunt is to not put too much pressure on yourself and to take time out from your job hunt so you don’t burnout. For more tips on reducing burnout, working from home, and improving your digital experience, click here.


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