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Our tips for acing a virtual interview

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Interviews are commonplace during the hiring process and more recently, due to circumstances beyond our control, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of virtual interviews.

At PMP Recruitment we are known for our temp recruitment services however we also recruit for permanent roles for a number of clients across a wide range of industries. We are still recruiting for permanent roles so we thought we would give you some pointers and tips for virtual interviews so you can ace it and land your perfect role!

Key points

Preparation is key

Like any interview, you still need to prepare! Make sure you research the company, find out what their industry looks like, how they operate, and their mission as a company. Be prepared to mention or talk about these in your interview. An advantage of social media is that you can research those that already work for the company, and in particular senior management and HR. Find out what these people like and enjoy – do you have similar hobbies or interests? Is there anything you can relate to them about on a personal level.

Find the right environment

It’s important to find a place in your home where it is quiet and there are no distractions – not just audio distractions such as pets or children but also visual distractions. You will need to give the interview your full attention, just like you would if you were with the interviewers face-to-face. Try and find a space where the wall behind you is blank and there is adequate lighting so there isn’t a glare on the screen or a shadow.

Check your technology

Technology is the key component in all of this so running checks beforehand is essential to minimising the risk of certain aspects not working. You don’t want to fall at the first hurdle so the main three features to check are:

  1. Audio – what audio are you using? Do the speakers and microphone work correctly?  
  2. Webcam Settings – is the angle of your camera correct? Is the lighting ok – is it too light or too dark? Are there any distractions behind you? Make sure there isn’t anything behind you that could distract the interviewers.
  3. Internet connection – you don’t want your internet cutting out during the interview so it might be worth connecting an ethernet cable directly to your laptop/computer. Wi-fi can go off at any time, and a lot of the time for no reason! It is also safer to link directly to the router if you can if there are others in the house using the internet – it may slow the connection.

It may be that the company has set up the interview using technology that you haven’t used before – Zoom, Google Hangout, Skype etc. Make sure you familiarise yourself with how the technology works – have a run through with a family member so you know how the system works before you have your interview. 

Dress code? Professional!

This aspect can be overlooked sometimes however you are still in a formal interview even though you may be sitting at your dining room table! Wear what you would have worn if you were meeting the interviewers in person and don’t just dress your top half professionally – you may have to stand up to get something mid-interview and then it will be obvious you have a mismatched bottom half!

Body language

It is important to be giving the right signals to the interviewers – sitting with your arms folded or staring into the distance will not give the right impression. Make sure you look at the person talking at all times and sit with an open body position, this shows you are engaged and listening.

Ultimately, the main point is being prepared and taking into account all of the above will help you with this. 

Good luck, we hope you ace it!

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