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What to consider before relocating for a new job

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Relocating is known to be stressful however when you are moving for your perfect job then it can make all the stress worthwhile. You may be in the situation of applying for a new job because of redundancy or because you fancy a new direction for your career. Whatever the reasons it’s important to make sure you are fully prepared and aware of what to consider and the potential pitfalls you may come across. 

Whether or not to relocate for a new job is a difficult decision both professionally and personally so we’ve put together a few considerations to help you make the big decision.

What to consider before you relocate for a new job:

Know your new employer

You need to know the company you are relocating for, and know them well! What benefits package do they offer? What is important to you – health insurance, holidays, discounts? There is a lot of information online about what a company offers their employees – do some thorough research. Does your new employer’s values fit with yours? Ensure your values are a good fit with your new employer. While you can’t always make sure that your workplace values are perfectly aligned, company culture and core values are key components to consider. 

Salary vs cost of living

Ensure you research the cost of living before you accept a job offer and a fixed salary. Think about accommodation, travel, childcare, and other ad hoc expenses that will impact your cost of living.

Consider your family

What kind of family do you want to be? Will your partner be happy in the new location? What schools are in the area? Make your family’s happiness a priority. This point needs to be considered for both those who have a partner or are single. If you are relocating alone, do you have friends or family in the area? How far away will you be from those back home? Is it easy to visit? Remember not to focus only on the immediate consequences of the move. Consider how it will impact you, your partner, and your children in the long-term.

What to consider after you’ve got your new job:

Research the location

Get to know where you are moving to and what there is to do in the area. It can be daunting being in a new town or city so have a couple of visits there and spend a day or two exploring to find out what you can do outside of work. What’s important to you and your family? Places to walk, shopping centres, days out, clubs for hobbies?

Consider your development

Once you’ve got the job it’s important to plan your short term and long term development. Do you plan on growing and developing in the company? Is this a long term relocation or a temporary stint or job swap to test out the new location. Ask yourself: Who do you want to become?

After all of the considerations, deciding to relocate for a new job is an extremely personal decision and will differ enormously by each person depending on your current situation. Don’t overthink the decision. If you go for it and you’re unhappy, you can move home. If you decide against it, have faith there will be another opportunity down the road.

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