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2020 Workforce

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Businesses must accept change in order to survive but the art of progress is to preserve order amid change, what is your business doing to be ready for the workforce of 2020?


If companies currently think they have a problem filling the skills gap and as a result vacancies, research at Cordant Recruitment suggests it will reach critical mass by 2020 without careful consideration.

Research at Cordant Recruitment indicates that the workplace of the future will be the most diverse the world has ever seen. In 2020, multiple generations working together will have different skills, experiences, habits, and motivations also more workers will be freelancers and contractors.

Globalisation and a rapidly evolving workforce are redefining how we think about competence, creativity, productivity, and the structuring of organizations. Ongoing globalization and macroeconomic shifts mean the 2020 workforce will be made up of a wider group of ages and nationalities than ever before.

In order to succeed, companies will need to have a broader understanding of their people and the markets in which they operate.

Customer Control
The balance of power will shift from the business to the market place as customers grow more informed about products and services – with this shift from push to pull marketing companies will not find their customers – their customers will find them.

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