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Be Greener and More Profitable with Eco Waste Recycling

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At PMP, we have our own Eco Waste service line, which allows us to help clients create additional revenue streams with eco waste recycling.


In the industrial sector waste generation is a huge issue which is causing major environmental concerns. When goods are produced, packed, shipped and received, large volumes of waste is generated – it’s therefore essential to have an effective waste management plan in place. Eco Waste is a service line offered by PMP which allows us to help clients ethically dispose of their waste whilst creating additional revenue streams.

What is Eco Waste?

Eco Waste is a new way to recycle. We’ve found the traditional recycling process has serious inefficiencies that negatively impact the environment and cost money. Based on this experience, we’ve designed a waste recycling process which can reduce your carbon footprint whilst earning you money!


How does it work?

Eco Waste is an added value solution which simplifies the route your recyclable materials take.


We’ll provide a refuse collection depository for your site; when it’s full we’ll collect it and pay you for the amount of waste gathered, which in most cases is up to £50 per ton. All waste collected from the site will then be sent to our partner who are one of the largest paper manufacturers in China – here it’s turned into pulp ready and made into reusable material.


What are the key benefits?

  • Additional Revenue – Waste that is usually considered a cost to remove can now provide additional revenue to your business with minimal effort.
  • Eco Friendly – Waste that would typically be sent to landfill or managed at a third party site can now travel directly to be remanufactured as paper products throughout the world.
  • Guaranteed Payment Terms – We will guarantee payment terms dependent on volume as low as 14 days!
  • Reduction of Deforestation – We aim to one day have a continuous loop of waste movement and eliminate deforestation of our planet.

So get in touch with our expert team, and let us support your journey to a greener and more profitable future.

Contact for more information.


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