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How Mentoring in the Workplace Benefits All #MentoringMonth

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January is #MentoringMonth and here at PMP Recruitment we believe there are endless benefits to mentoring within the workplace. That is why we aim to integrate mentoring across PMP to expand colleagues professional and personal development, allowing them to thrive. Mentoring month aims to celebrate mentors, mentees and highlight how rewarding mentoring can be for everyone involved. The key is to raise awareness of the invaluable impact mentoring has on individuals, businesses and society.

How can mentoring benefit the wider business?

  • Having a mentoring programme develops a culture of personal and professional development
  • Mentoring will engage and retain top talent in your business, which can lead to a reduction in attrition
  • A well-structured mentoring programme will embed the desired company values and attitudes
  • Mentoring leads to a reduction in training costs by utilising one-to-one interaction
  • Mentoring improves candidate attraction efforts as new candidates are aware of career development opportunities

How can you benefit as a mentor? 

  • Mentoring provides the opportunity to reflect on your own working strategy whilst enabling you to practice interpersonal skills
  • Mentoring emerging new talent within your business can enhance job satisfaction and expand on your working relationships 
  • If your mentor is from a different department it can widen your understanding of your business and the way your organisation works
  • Mentoring new talent exposes you to fresh perspectives, ideas and ways of thinking
  • It allows you to develop and expand on personal leadership and coaching styles whilst providing personal satisfaction through supporting the development of others

How can you benefit as a mentee?

  • Mentoring provides invaluable professional and personal advice on developing strengths and overcoming weaknesses in and outside of the workplace
  • Increased recognition and visibility within your company, potentially leading to more opportunities
  • Mentoring can improve your self-confidence through a supportive and encouraging professional relationship
  • Mentoring can assist with problem-solving by encouraging reflection on your work
  • It provides the opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge whilst gaining a deeper understanding of the business environment

Now is a great time to reflect on a mentor who has shaped you into the person you are today, or go one step further and reach out to thank them. Read more on learning and development at PMP here:

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