How to manage candidate expectations

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How to manage candidate expectations

In a candidate driven market, how to manage applicants’ expectations is essential for your recruitment. It may help you to reduce time and money spent on hiring, if you treat potential employees the same way you would like to be treated.

Here are some tips for managing candidate expectations.


  • Deliver the right message and engage with your candidates.

Use multi-channel communication tools to engage with your candidates and let them know what sort of job vacancies you have available. For example, posting job advertisements on Facebook and LinkedIn may help you attract different target audiences. Make sure the messages you communicate via different channels are informative and specifically targeted to your ideal candidates; such as the location, salary, working hours, shift times, employee benefits etc.


  • Make sure your recruitment process reflects the quality of your brand.

Candidates are more likely to accept a job within your business if you have a strong brand in the marketplace. If you want to find and place the best candidates, you should also ensure that the hiring process is transparent and consistent, and that it reflects the quality of your brand.



In recruiting, managing candidate expectations throughout the process is key to avoid losing the right candidates. Be sure to keep candidates in the loop and minimize unexpected outcomes, if their expectations change.