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L.E.A.D Scheme

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PMP have introduced the L.E.A.D scheme (link, engage, award and develop)

PMP have introduced the L.E.A.D scheme (link, engage, award and develop) which is a simple process that allows colleagues to put our sales team in touch with potential new business and receive a cash incentive in return. 

Daniel Hobbs, Strategic Development Director, said; ‘The incentive was introduced  to drive inter-company selling to ensure we leverage the competitive advantage of all the Group contracts and infrastructure. Allowing our group colleagues to become an extension of our sales team gives them an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise – This is an initiative which is both powerful and also rewarding.’ 

PMP L.E.A.Derboard

  1. Rebecca Hurst, Credit Control Administrator Cordant Group

September 2017, Rebecca took an enquiry from a potential client who was looking for cleaning staff in the Tilbury area. Rebecca gathered all the essential details required by the sales team and filled out the L.E.A.D form. Well done Rebecca for your initiative and proactiveness.

Rebecca said; ‘Building and developing relationships with people is not an easy task but if you are passionate about what you do and who you work for, the rest comes naturally. I have strong relationships with my clients and often get approached by them with more business opportunities.The L.E.A.D scheme means I too can now benefit from new business… so everyone’s a winner!’

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