Modern Slavery - the UK’s hidden crime

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Modern Slavery - the UK’s hidden crime

Modern slavery is the third most critical crime in the UK today according to the National Crime Agency.  It’s a well hidden, organised crime with c.40m victims worldwide - which is higher than any instance in history. There are predicted to have been over 13,000 cases of modern slavery in the UK, however, as of November 2017, Chris Haward Assistant Chief Constable from Derbyshire Police estimated 20 times that volume.

The top 3 groups who are most affected by modern slavery are; Latvian, Vietnamese and UK nationals, with high risk sectors being; car washes, nail bars, construction and labour supply.


As a Stronger Together business partner, UN Global Compact members, confederates of the GLAA and supporters of Modern Slavery charity Unseen, PMP are committed to upholding and developing a duty of care to our people. Our candidates, colleagues and clients are at the heart of everything we do, and we take their welfare very seriously.

Throughout 2017 PMP’s business leaders and frontline recruiters have been trained in understanding, recognising and reporting any signs of exploitation.

In 2017, PMP raised over £10K for Unseen and have worked with the Medaille Trust to get victims back into employment. However, the biggest transformation for our Group this year is becoming a Social Enterprise with a mission to change lives.

Did you know PMP offer Modern Day Slavery training to businesses?

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