PMP Improve Compliance with New App

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PMP Improve Compliance with New App

As part of PMP's 5P Project, which identifies areas of transformation across; people, promotion, productivity, performance and progression, a new focus and direction has been given to improving the management and implementation of compliance processes across all client sites.

To ensure absolute compliance at all times PMP have built a new, user-friendly app for directors and site managers to audit on-site health, safety and welfare - areas which are of paramount importance to PMP.

The process is delivered in two stages;

Stage 1 takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and consists of questions which identify potential risks and resolutions on site, as well as ensuring that the site team has access to the relevant tools and learning to safeguard clients and colleagues.

Stage 2 is a full site audit, taking approximately two hours, and covering all aspects of compliance; from processes to candidate packs, insurance certification to SHEQ systems.

The information gathered is stored in a central database to be reviewed by the senior management team. Potential risks, and all recorded evidence, will be fed back to the client and site manager, whilst action is taken to deal with the threat and measures are put in place to prevent further threats.

The app also has a built in accident reporting system to track any incidents which are an immediate cause for concern and require urgent attention.