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PMP Learning and Development Month – Helen

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This month we are celebrating #LearningandDevelopment across PMP by recognising our colleague’s progress and achievements.


At PMP we recognise the importance of training and developing staff to reach their full potential and that is why we embrace continuous career progression and self-development. This month we are celebrating #LearningandDevelopment across PMP by recognising our colleague’s progress and achievements. Today we hear from Helen, National Client Service Manager, who shares her learning and development story over the last 10 years with PMP.


“After graduating from University, I worked for a high street recruitment agency, mainly specialising in commercial perm placements so moving into industrial volume recruitment was a big change but I absolutely love it – proof in the fact that 10 years later I am still here!

September 2009 – Appointed as Site Manager for Amazon Swansea.
This was my first role within PMP and gave me a great insight into high volume recruitment. Over the next 4 years I would be involved in the implementation of more standardised processes across the Amazon network as headcount requirements increased.

June 2013 – Appointed as Branch Manager for CWL1 Amazon Swansea.
Following changes within the branch team I moved to a branch manager position and over the next 3 years saw some huge changes in my role and the Amazon account as a whole. By the time I left the branch in 2016 we were supplying a significantly higher headcount compared to when I first started my role.

In June 2016 we mobilised a “new world” for the Amazon teams and restructured to support the volume of recruitment required.

June 2016 – I was promoted to a national role and came to Manchester to set up and mobilise the PMP Amazon Contact Centre. This facility went live in August 2016 and is responsible for sourcing candidates for all Amazon locations. This has now evolved into what we all know as the NRC with much more sophisticated technology and a team of call centre experts!

April 2017 – I moved into a Project Manager role and the biggest project I focused on was managing the Amazon Direct Hiring campaign launching new sites in Doncaster (LBA2) and Warrington (MAN2). Over a 6 month period we interviewed a large number of candidates at our dedicated large scale hiring events. This led to a high number of candidates being placed into permanent roles.

June 2018 – At this point I moved back into the Amazon team as National Operations Manager covering FCs and ensuring our branch locations were standardised and working effectively. I also had to ensure that our site teams received any support that they needed as well as managing the client relationship.

January 2019 – Finally I moved into my current role – National Client Service Manager for Amazon. I work closely with our other National Operations Managers to ensure that we are providing the right level of service to Amazon across all business lines. I am also directly responsible for the Amazon Central Payroll team based in Greenock. This team holds responsibility for processing and managing payroll for all our Amazon associates.

I’ve loved working on the Amazon account since my very first day here and PMP has continually supported my growth and development over the last 10 years. They have enabled me to enhance my skills and get to where I am today, including enrolling me on the first High Potential apprenticeship. I hope to continue to grow with the Amazon account and support PMP’s journey to be Amazon’s partner of choice!”


To learn more about learning and development within PMP, click here.


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