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PMP - Saving colleagues from boring e-learning

PMP Recruitment have embraced Learning Heroes to save the world from boring e-learning, and to develop, grow and invest in the future of colleagues from across the UK.


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Learning Heroes has over 150 exciting and engaging e-learning modules with over 1000 blended learning resources made up of modules taking anything between 5 to 30 minutes, on a range of subjects from Personal Development, Customer Services, Sales Mastery, Policy and Compliance... to name only a few.

Some modules are recommended to PMP employees as part of their onboarding and personal development however all of the programmes are available for colleagues to complete in their own time.

In total since PMP signed up to Learning Heroes in July 2016 - 4138 courses have been taken.

One of the mandatory courses for all employees is Modern Slavery and Whistleblowing, which introduces employees to the issues surrounding the exploitation of people and how to report issues.

Top Ten Courses;

  1. Modern Slavery

  2. Decision Making Excellence

  3. Managing Stress

  4. Coaching Skills

  5. Productivity & Time Management

  6. Telephone Etiquette

  7. Team Working Excellence

  8. Equality and Diversity in the Workplace

  9. Customer Service Success

  10. Negotiation and Influencing People

In addition to Learning Heroes the Cordant Group’s Learning and Development team have further e-learning which has been developed in-house. The first module, with accompanying workshop was focuses around Eligibility to Work.