PMP want to help businesses tackle modern day slavery

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PMP want to help businesses tackle modern day slavery

In response to the increased concerns over modern day slavery PMP Recruitment are offering a training solution to provide businesses with the knowledge, skills, behaviours and best practice approach in spotting the signs, taking the correct actions and tackling modern slavery.

At PMP we recognise that we have an obligation to prevent modern day slavery and have implemented effective systems and controls to ensure modern slavery and human trafficking is not taking place anywhere in our own business or supply chain.


PMP adopt a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery and pledge to act ethically and with integrity in all our business dealings and relationships.


We hope that through collaboration and the sharing of our knowledge and expertise we can help other businesses, and their stakeholders, to become aligned and educated in the issues surrounding such a horrific crime


The Training Solution

The programme of training, delivered by PMP’s Learning & Development Team, is open to all businesses who want to increase awareness and prevention of modern day slavery.

Each element of the programme is designed and supported by experts in our business. To maximise the effectiveness, the programme, in its entirety, utilises blended learning methods, including;

Modern slavery and human rights e-learning

To help attendees understand what modern slavery is, who is affected, what they should do if they spot the signs, and build awareness of Human Rights - treatment, behaviour and communication.


To understand the responsibilities and best practice associated with tackling modern slavery in UK businesses and supply chains.

Post training and ongoing support

Open to managers and colleagues, post training and ongoing support sessions will take place focusing on; changes to Policy and Process, refresher talks on the signs and steps to take, sharing of positive contributions, and best practice.

To discuss how this solution can help you please email Daniel Hobbs on

Click here to read more about PMPs position on modern day slavery. 

Due to the interest and amount of talent recognised in our business, a second round of assessments for both programmes will be taking place in December. Look out for more successful colleagues whose names will be added to the list very soon.