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Top Tips for Working from Home

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With more of us working from home it is important to establish habits that ensure we stay physically and mentally healthy. So we have put together some tips for you to follow whilst working at home.
Stay Connected

The world of technology is so vast that there are a number of ways we can stay in contact with people and continue our lives, as normally as possible. Phone calls and video conferencing allow us to stay in touch with colleagues and also see friendly faces! Ensure you have regular catch-ups with your teams and stay connected! Staying in touch with colleagues, family, and friends is vitally important to ensuring we remain motivated and continue conversations with those we care about.

Working Time

When we travel into work and our normal working environment we tend to have set hours that we work so it is important to have these whilst working from home. Set boundaries for the times when you are working and when you are not; this will be especially useful if you are working at home with other members of your family there as well.

Ideas for what you should do:

  • Get up at the same time you normally would
  • Get dressed – make it obvious to yourself that you are at work
  • Tidy away your work when you are finished – make sure it is apparent that you have finished and can’t see your work in the areas that you are in when relaxing and spending time with family.
Regular Breaks

Something that we can all be guilty of, even when we are in an office or regular working environment, is not having enough regular breaks.

You may want to implement the Pomodoro technique; a time management method that breaks working time down into 25 minute intervals with a 5 minute break in between. This type of technique will ensure you are productive in your working time but that you also get enough regular breaks throughout the day.

Keep Exercising

It is important that you get regular exercise especially as a lot of us are now in social distancing and self-isolating. Usually we would be commuting to work and going out to get lunch so there a few times throughout the day we would normally be able to go outside.

With regards to physical exercise there are plenty of websites that provide in-home workouts to make sure you can get your heart rate up and the blood flowing. It is also important to get outside and get fresh air, however make sure you abide by the social distancing and self-isolation rules set out by the Government. Being outside and getting fresh air is important, not only from a physical perspective, but also from a mental health perspective. It can help refresh your mind and give you more focus when you come back to whatever you are working on.

Standing Desk

Another idea to consider is having a standing desk. If you are able to reduce the amount of time you are sitting it can help maintain and improve your health and ensure you can establish good posture. You don’t need to have an adapted desk, you can set up your laptop and computer so it is raised off the table and in a comfortable position for you to work standing up.

Healthy Diet

Ensure you eat well and drink enough water throughout the day. Maintaining a health diet and staying hydrated is important to stay healthy.

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