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Upskilling Our People – The Apprenticeship Levy

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The UK’s current apprenticeship scheme is changing and all large businesses will be affected. At PMP we see this as a great opportunity to upskill, train and develop our existing workforce.



The UK’s current apprenticeship scheme is changing and all large businesses will be affected. At PMP we see this as a great opportunity to upskill our existing workforce.
The new scheme has the potential to revolutionise our future workforce by boosting skills and creating new training programmes that meet the needs of the industry and candidates. A major driver of the Levy is to provide a sustainable workforce and to bridge the skills gap affecting many industries.

Employers will be expected to pay the levy on a monthly basis which will then cover the delivery of Apprenticeship training programmes. This new levy is part of the Government’s initiative to fund 3 million new apprentices by 2020.

Apprenticeships are work based learning programmes which allow the student to apply both technical and academic skills on the job. The student builds up a portfolio of work over the 12 month course which is then assessed by the trainer and accredited by the Skills Funding Agency.

In the past Apprenticeships have received a lot of criticism, with employers stating that they are not fit for purpose. A review on the back of this led to the redesign the entire Apprenticeship layout.

Historically, apprenticeship assessments were simply a pass or fail, however the new layout means that courses are much more closely monitored and each module is graded individually which demands higher accountability. Also, they will no longer simply be Level 2 and 3 qualifications or indeed age driven. They will be banded dependent on the level and complexity of the apprenticeship.

Once learners have passed the Gateway test – the employer, provider and learner all have to prove that the learner is ready to complete the apprenticeship before the end point assessment can be undertaken. The end point assessment consists of three tests: A panel interview/professional discussion where the student will be asked questions about the Apprenticeship; a competency test and finally a multiple choice exam.

PMP Recruitment are particularly keen to get involved and have already made careful selections as to which courses to offer our staff and which will deliver success for our people.
Our internal expert team are well versed in the scheme and are on hand to support our client’s with their own strategy.


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