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What Makes a “Ground-Breaking” Recruitment Business?

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On Thursday 20th June 2019 PMP Recruitment, part of Cordant Group the UK’s largest social business, were honoured to be recognised as the Best Large Recruitment Business at the Global Recruiter Awards.


On Thursday 20th June 2019 PMP Recruitment, part of Cordant Group the UK’s largest social business, were honoured to be recognised as the Best Large Recruitment Business at the Global Recruiter Awards

The judges comments: “Outstanding entry and great example of a large recruitment company that can completely change their game. Excellent on all counts; a social enterprise, improved performance, launch of a national resource centre…  it just goes on! Ground breaking, innovative, approach to being a recruitment company. A great vision and well executed… clearly a great place to work with a very set mission for everyone.”

Jamie Reynolds, Managing Director, said: “To win is an absolute privilege. We’re thrilled to be recognised by our peers at such a prestigious event. The award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our amazing national team.”

“It has been a challenging and unpredictable year, particularly within the temporary labour sector, but PMP has continued to grow, develop and adapt to the ever changing recruitment industry. Every one of our colleagues has worked tirelessly to provide an outstanding service for clients and candidates… this is their award!”

With over 25 years experience, PMP is expert in peak and productivity management, working in partnership with clients to increase the quality and efficiency of hiring campaigns, maximise market presence, attract and retain talent, and respond to fluctuating demands.

PMP is an ambitious business on a transformational journey. We don’t strive to be the biggest, we aren’t looking for world domination, and our success isn’t measured by profit… we want to provide sustainable employment and offer people the chance to maximise their potential, find fulfilment and live meaningful lives.

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This recognition demonstrates that the hard work is paying off.

Jamie adds: “Our business strategy is based on humanity and morality. We engage with our people – empowering them to think differently; giving them the autonomy to make decisions whilst embracing imperfection”.

“Our award is just the beginning – there is so much more to do. Recruitment is changing… society is changing! We need to continue to develop the very best partnerships and attract the very best talent whilst having a positive impact. At PMP, and as part of our Groups social business strategy, we want to be a shining example to other businesses around the globe”

Award-Winning Initiatives;

Business Improvement

After a contract win PMP responded to historic struggles at a retail client site where retention, productivity and absence were a concern – this was put down to Brexit fears, demographic issues and lack of on site innovation and technology.

PMP utilised their industry expertise to deep dive into the local demographics and industry trends, identifying solutions and making suggestions for change. We strategically unlocked previously untapped labour pools, mitigated the impact Brexit might have on resourcing requirements and motivated the team through training and onsite engagement activities.

The results;

  • Attrition rates which were previously 20% (pre PMP) decreased to just 2.8% post PMP
  • Pick rates which were at 119 pre PMP later averaged at 189
  • Sick and absence which was 15%, reduced to 2%
  • A PMP colleague broke Poundland’s pick record
  • We delivered 108% fulfillment throughout peak
  • We implemented a new time and attendance system
  • PMP delivered a new indepth MI & reporting system
  • We introduced a new onboarding app

Cost Savings

Evidence of a good supplier is client retention. PMP have had the honour of collaborating with a well known food client for over 20 years.

In the last 3 years of the contract PMP have delivered hard cost savings of almost £700K (45% against PMP’s controllable, agency package cost). Savings were generated through overtime, margin, cost management and the provision of a specialist high level cleaning project.

With a candid, collaborative and concentrated approach PMP are immersed in delivering the best people, improving productivity, hitting production targets, and maintaining efficiency. As a trusted supplier PMP are able to meet the client’s requirements no matter how challenging or unique.

PMP have introduced innovative ways of generating cost savings for the client utilising the power of the Group. An integrated people and property service solution has been delivered, offering specialist cleaning, training academies, perm recruitment and niche role hiring. In addition, adjustments to the blue collar and overtime margin in 2019 will save them upwards of £350K.

The client recently awarded PMP their Most Sustainable Supplier

Investment in People

In light of Brexit, PMP have placed greater emphasis on developing and engaging temporary staff. To continue attracting and retaining talented people PMP needs to be seen as a conscientious employer, invested in the future of colleagues and committed to supporting personal development.

PMP’s training packages, which offer on the job, skills development though simulation learning aligned to the role, are now being rolled out at client sites. The PMP Academy allows colleagues to improve their efficiency and productivity which in turn gives them the opportunity to earn more and advance their career.

To address attrition and productivity issues at one retail site, PMP introduced a training academy specifically for picking and e-commerce packing. The training academy was also able to assist in the selection, and more importantly the de-selection process with additional pre-screening included as part of the suitability assessment. This gave us the opportunity to filter out unsuitable candidates before they started their first day. We were able to select the right candidate for the right role based on aspects such as dexterity, aptitude and attention to detail. The target was to reduce attrition from 7%, the results over the contract length were;

  • 2017; 5%
  • 2018; 4.27%
  • 2019, <4%

Ethical Collaboration

A recent audit at a client site in Milton Keynes, saw the retailer achieve an “excellent” rating. The unannounced ‘Workplace Conditions’ assessment was delivered by quality assurance specialist Intertek, and examined all working processes, including that of PMP Recruitment.

As part of the auditing process, employees were interviewed, whilst inspectors examined employment contracts, HR documentation and wage slips. In total, the site achieved a score 10% higher than the UK average, and 16% higher than the retail industry average.

The assessment took into account the effective application of all relevant health and safety rules, working time regulations, modern slavery legislation and environmental best practice. The companies were also assessed against International Labour Organisation rules (ILO) as set by the United Nations.

PMP has provided the retailer with an on-site managed services solution since May 2017. On average 300 temporary staff work at the distribution centre each day, rising to approximately 600 in peak, which runs from Black Friday through to January.

The client said: “We are very happy to record such a high score during this recent audit and I am confident PMP Recruitment played an important role in this. Despite being put on the spot by the auditors, they clearly explained the proficient processes they have in place, which demonstrated excellence across their entire operation.”

Abolishing Modern Slavery

PMP teamed up with award winning charity Unseen to launch BE SEEN, BE HEARD, a campaign which raises awareness of modern slavery across high volume recruitment and supply chains. The objective is to influence peers to be more responsible, transparent and to tackle modern slavery head on, whilst supporting Unseen and promoting the modern slavery helpline.

The results;

  • There was a 29% increase in the number of calls, online reports and app submissions the Helpline received in the months following the campaign launch (August to November 2018), compared to the same time period in the previous year.
  • Over 2,000 victims of modern slavery were identified through the Helpline during the four months following the Be Seen, Be Heard campaign; over half of them had been trapped in forced labour.
  • Through fundraising activities we are proud to have raised £40,000 for Unseen to date.
  • As a result of our commitment to preventing modern day slavery and raising awareness of the issue within our workforce, Unseen nominated PMP for ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Fight Against Slavery’ at the 2018 Marsh Awards, and we have been shortlisted at the 2019 Campaign for Good Awards.
  • The campaign also caught the attention of No.10 and the Home Office – we are now working with ‘BritainThinks’ on an ongoing research project which focuses on modern slavery

Read more here; Be Seen, Be Heard, Abolishing Modern Slavery

PMP would like to congratulate all the other award winners, and nominees for their contribution to our industry. You can find the full list of winners here.


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