Cordant Security

The UK manufacturing sector is strong and is currently ranked the 11th largest manufacturing nation in the world.

Manufacturing makes up 11% of UK GVA and 54% of UK exports and directly employs 2.6 million people. Major sectors include aerospace, automotive, chemical, construction defence, electronics, food and drink, plastics, furniture, steel and textile.


The trend towards a flexible workforce is driven mostly by the contractual nature of the manufacturing industry, combined with seasonal demands, the temporary workforce plays a permanent role in the operational success of this sector.


In a bid to tackle the high demand for temporary workers, we have developed over 320 networks across the UK, with 10 large business centres and 9 satellite offices.

Our Group candidate database now exceeds 250,000, allowing us to rapidly respond to high volume demands.


Clients Include:


Denso    Royal Mint    Wavin
Smith & Nephew    Quinn Radiators    Hoover

A stringent training and induction programme is essential in order to adhere to strict health and safety regulations. We create bespoke recruitment processes for every client and site location to ensure we mirror their exact regulatory requirements.