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Shaped by the economic landscape, a temporary workforce has become an integral asset to many businesses. The agility of a flexible workforce allows an organisation to adapt rapidly to fluctuating business demands, yet run efficiently during muted periods.

The key to operating an effective temporary workforce is the accessibility to the right people, with the right skills at the right time. Over the last 20 years we have developed an extensive candidate database, allowing us to constantly fulfil vacancies, quickly and efficiently, across our specialised industry sectors.

As one of the UK’s leading managed service providers, we combine our recruitment expertise and industry knowledge to help our clients manage their temporary workforce across multiple locations within the UK. Our profound operational experience and insight into the fluctuating demands of a contingent workforce, has made PMP Recruitment the number one choice for many UK leading companies.



As a result of years of practice we acknowledge a collaborative approach with operations and HR is key to successfully managing a flexible workforce. We offer a partnership which focuses on the process, planning, engagement, and retention of temporary workers, a technique which has naturally matured through years of experience and constant learning of the industries we operate within.

Our managed service teams, assume complete responsibility for the recruitment, induction, training and deployment of our client’s temporary workers to ensure they are competent and ready to hit the ground running from day one. Our PMP managed service teams become the central point of contact, we offer an on-site managed service solution or a satellite service.

Performance and productivity are critical to the success of any flexible workforce, we set and monitor key performance indicators for our temporary workers.

Consultants develop an overarching relationship with our clients, establishing confidence, trust and credence throughout every aspect of managing their temporary workforce. We establish key performance indicators to measure service, candidate quality and, of course, fulfilment rates.




"PMP Recruitment very quickly forged a relationship with International Greetings and we very much feel that we have a partnership with them, which I see is the key to having a successful agency worker solution. They understood our needs and provided good, effective on-site support. They have ensured that the persons that have worked on-site blend well with, and totally engage with the management in the business. Gavin Rees as the Regional Manager has acted responsibly and professionally throughout the last five years and has a good team of people around him that have the same high standards."

Craig Flay
Human Resources Director
International Greetings UK Ltd

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Equally we establish systematic candidate communication to nurture a partnership relationship, which cultivates a mutual alliance. We integrate employer branding within the recruitment process to mirror an organisation’s permanent hire process. Regardless of the length of assignment, our engagement with each and every candidate cultivates a positive experience, leaving a candidate enthusiastic and motivated to work.

We are immensely proud of our mobile workforce, we delight in the success stories of those who initially utilised temporary working as a route to finding their chosen career.

"I remember the months working in Picking, I learned a lot and that experience continues to help me in my position today. Thanks to that initial hard work and perseverance, guided by the support and encouragement of my PMP Manager, I now have the career I always wanted and one that I enjoy very much."

Rowland Lindill

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