A career for Karolina Skrzat @ Amazon

After returning from travelling I couldn't really find myself a place to settle down. I was nervous and apprehensive about finding a right job knowing the situation on the market. I always wanted to combine two things work and passion. Something that you really enjoy , something worth doing.

Very often I was asking myself how long it can actually take to find that “perfect” job. We’ve all been there, and many of us still are. Every experience you have along the way will teach you something about yourself, your skills and what you’re capable of. It won’t always be easy, but it will help you to better appreciate the success you find at the finish line.

PMP has been recommended to me by my friend. Their efficiency and dedication helped me secure a job in no time at all. They surely did fantastic job with finding me employment within a fantastic company . They went beyond the call of duty with regular contact and great preparation for my first day at work. I was really happy and grateful for making my relocation and job search hassle free. Since I started they all have been very supportive, friendly and efficient throughout the whole process.

After I completed a year in Amazon I become their permanent family member. It wasn’t easy I must say. It’s a hard work. I have learned a lot. Everything is about the right approach and I wanted to progress. PMP was very enthusiastic and positive about my success and understood how hard it was for me, they were always happy to give me advice and encouragement.

The level of service was fantastic, professional, friendly, positive and always consistent. PMP have always had a fresh approach towards their clients. PMP and Amazon helped me develop my skills. Today I’m one of the Trainers in a great Learning and Development team working on people skills. Motivation and commitment are always the key.

Today I can share my experience with other people who are in the same place where I have been exactly 5 years ago. I work along side PMP. We made some good friends! What also matters is the money I can now pursue my dreams. I can finally travel the world!

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending PMP Recruitment to anyone looking for a job.

Great people. Great service. Great opportunities.

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