From initial phone call to arrange interview/registration through to induction and placement, I have always found PMP and Jacobs staff second to none. They have always been extremely professional, approachable and supportive in both work and personal situations, which is a rare quality to find in a temping agency these days.

The induction and registration process was very informative and covered all key points that you would expect whilst working on a site, from clocking on/off, locker room, uniform, health and safety and both company procedures, all of which have helped me in my day-to-day duties at Jacobs. I have no problem recommending PMP to others, which I have done and will continue to do so, the staff have exceeded my expectations and more.

Thank you!

Gary Marks

I have been working for PMP for the last 18 months and have found them to be a reputable company. They have been understanding to my needs, everyone has been friendly and approachable. I have not had any issues and I will continue to work for PMP and recommend them to other people.

Paul Roscoe

I joined PMP 6 months ago and my experience has always been a good one. They are good to work for and the office staff have always been friendly and very helpful with any queries I’ve had. It has been the first agency I have worked with and although my knowledge of agencies is minimal, this has been a good experience. I have always been treated fairly and with respect.

Kevin Holt

I have worked for PMP as an agency worker for the last 5 years. I have found the office staff to be approachable and helpful should I have any queries. Shifts are regularly available and I am contacted in advance as to what shifts are available, enabling me to have a work and life balance.

Pat Hampson

I have been with PMP since they took over at Jacobs and never had any problems with them and I am happy working here. The coordinators and office staff are friendly and approachable, PMP reach my expectations, I expect regular hours and work and to be treated fairly which I certainly am with PMP.

Francis Green

I have worked for PMP for over 2 and half years and have always felt comfortable working for them and have always found the staff very helpful. The coordinators have always been fair and honest with me when it comes to shifts and always accept my apologies when I can’t do certain times. Overall I am satisfied with PMP.

Paul Myhre

I have worked for PMP over the last year and can say i’ve had no problems. I have been offered shifts regularly and have been notified when shifts have been cancelled. The staff have always been helpful and assisted me when needed. I’ve also been able to refuse certain shifts if they haven’t met my needs. I would have no problems recommending PMP to others as they have been a really good agency to work for.

Jeanette Wilson

I would just like to say about my time that I have been working for PMP, that it has been a pleasure working for them. It is a good company to work for as the office staff and coordinators that work for them are very nice people and also very helpful when you need anything. They will always be there for you and do their best to help you in anyway they can. I had been unwell after a heart attack and they were very good to me in every way! I think they are a great firm to work for.

I am really happy with PMP, they have kept me informed about any changes in my contract and helped me with any problems I have had both personal and within Jacobs. The coordinators and office staff are both professional, polite, helpful and courteous in their approach to all the staff.

I am more than happy to approach any of the staff with questions. PMP have met and surpassed my expectations, they are a professional company that look after their staff and treat  us all with respect.

Sandra Guy

During my time with PMP i have been treated with respect and honesty by every member of staff. I am more than happy with them and consider myself as lucky. I would recommend PMP to anyone who is looking for a company to look after their future.

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