#MyPMPStory – Dave, Shift Supervisor

At PMP we are dedicated to changing people's lives and helping everyone progress in their career but as a social business we’re about so much more than just jobs, we’re about helping thousands of people improve their lives. Today we hear an incredible story from Dave, our shift supervisor in Exeter who shares his journey before joining PMP and how he now feels part of a company that shares the same values.

“For the vast majority of my early career, I was mainly involved in customer service, account management and sales. In the early part of 2008 I joined a specialist recruitment agency and after a period of time became an office and industrial high street recruiter. During this period my wife became ill and investigations began to ascertain the cause.

A friend of mine headhunted me to become a business salesperson for a brand new team. My colleagues and I wrote the rule book, and formed a formidable team, with formidable earnings to match. At this point the future was looking good.

6 months later, the bottom fell out of my world.

My wife gave birth to our third daughter and her health deteriorated rapidly. She was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and CFS and the consultant looking after her advised she would need full time care and would be unable to look after the children.

I resigned immediately.

The next 18 months were the hardest I have ever endured. Resigning meant that I was unable to register for benefits, my savings disappeared and a misfiled medical report meant that my wife was told she wasn’t entitled to any benefits. We lived on money gifted by family and friends, food banks, and a very lenient and understanding landlord.

I was a full time carer for a further five years.

When my youngest was old enough to go to school, my wife and I made the decision to try and enable me to get back to work. I tried unsuccessfully to apply for roles but was rejected due to my outdated experience. I was feeling pretty worthless and had sunk into a deep depression

In desperation I applied for the first role I saw. Through a company I had never heard of, a warehouse role with PMP Recruitment.

I met with Mihaela, who spoke to me at length about my circumstances. Then something happened I hadn’t planned on or expected. I was offered a role I hadn’t applied for or even considered and joined PMP as a shift supervisor/onsite rep at the newly opened warehouse in Exeter in October 2016.

And here we are nearly 3 years later. Permanent and involved in new site openings. Overseeing two sites. Training staff. And even in the times when I have been frustrated by the circumstances surrounding the role, always thankful.

And PMP has given me something else, the ability to support people who have been going through similar things to my past. To give a chance to those who maybe wouldn’t have got an attempt. And yes, it hasn’t always worked. But we have tried.

With the focus from Cordant on improving society and changing people’s lives for the better, it makes me feel that I am part of a company that wants the same things that I do“.

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