Progress for Rowland Lindill

Unlike many people I left a stable job to join Amazon as I wanted something more challenging and career prospects. PMP gave me that opportunity.

I started with PMP in November 2011 as a Picker. This was not what I wanted to do long term but it got me in the door and put me in an environment which allowed me to control my own destiny through my performance and behaviour.

My PMP Manager was aware of my pre-existing skills and my interest in long-term career goals at Amazon, and several times recommended me for higher positions and job opportunities. Within 12 months I was serving a Team Leader position in Picking helping to run the department on a daily basis.

This gave me even more opportunities to develop and prove my worth which resulted in my conversion to an Amazon employee in April 2013. Now, I work for Amazon and I’m responsible for the training of all new hires and existing associates. I have travelled to our Head Offices in Luxembourg, and to other FC’s in both the UK and Germany, and this is still only the beginning.

I remember the months working in Picking, I learned a lot and that experience continues to help me in my position today. Thanks to that initial hard work and perseverance, guided by the support and encouragement of my PMP Manager, I now have the career I always wanted and one that I enjoy very much.

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