Success Agata Polak- Amazon

I came to the UK in July 2010. The same day I arrived, I registered with PMP Recruitment. My friend recommended them, as she knew that PMP was a solid and reliable agency. Two days later I started my very first day at work in Amazon.

Everything was overwhelming and also a bit scary as I never worked in a such a big company before, it happened so quickly and efficiently. I was amazed with the whole process and support that I received when starting my adventure. I was very lucky to have my Agency Managers around all the time.

Every time when I needed their help, advice or had to ask the same question for the fifth time – they were there for me. After 11 months of working for PMP as a packer I decided that it was a time for progress. I applied for a role in Learning and Development Team as I felt I could help others by using my experience. I discussed my decision with PMP as their opinion was very valuable to me and I knew how important it was for them to develop their people.

They were so supportive, I even got some tips for my interview.  At this point my career in Amazon started to progress really quickly. With all support and help from PMP I got a position in Learning and Development department, very soon after I became a permanent associate for Amazon. Even though I do not work for PMP anymore, the agency managers were so proud of me and they were still motivating me to do more as they believed in me. Learning Team wasn’t enough for me, I wanted to gain even more experience – I decided to apply for a manager position …and I got it!

It’s been a great experience working for PMP, they’ve never let me down. Every time when I had a problem or struggled they were there for me to motivate and coach. I’m still very thankful for their support and believing in me.

Thank You PMP!

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