Success at United Biscuits

I am writing to recommend services of PMP Recruitment company, as a professional partner for people who are looking for a job. I have worked for the company since 2012 and during that time they helped me to find a job in United Biscuits where after few months I have received permanent contract.

I am also extremely happy with the support of Dan Else from PMP Recruitment who was always keen to help. He is very professional and a well organized person.  I would gladly answer any request for further information.

Rafal Krupa, Bradford

My name is Jignesh Solanki I started work at PMP on the 5th March 2014 at United Biscuits in London as a Production Operative. I enjoy working for PMP and also the benefits I receive which include flexible hours, flexible shifts, but most of all it is the experience.

I came to England 7 years ago, now that I am with PMP I am enjoying my time here and feel settled at United Biscuits with all my friends and the managers, we all seem to be very close.

The office even extended my holidays so I could go back to India to get engaged; I am now looking forward to getting married.

I was approached in August 2014 and was asked if I would like to be trained as a Flexi Supervisor, which takes on the responsibilities of looking after all the agency staff in my department and coordinating with all the managers. I accepted and I am hoping this will give me the opportunity and skills to apply for a permanent job with United Biscuits.

Jignesh Solanki

PMP Is an excellent employment agency that offers a great relationship between staff and management. PMP has offered me the opportunity to grow in the industry by training me from being a production operative to a supervisor role.

I acquired great communication skills, leadership skills, team playing and the confidence in managing people.  These skills helped me in getting a permanent role in McVitiies.

I appreciate the time and effort put in by the PMP team in helping me gain my new role. I also have to mention the friendliness and supportive attitudes of both my colleagues and the management.

I would certainly recommend PMP to anyone seeking a new career.

Nilesh Issuar

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