Temporary workers enjoying their roles at Tesco Fenny Lock

Josie Goode

I have been employ by PMP Recruitment for just over three months, working at the Tesco Fenny Lock site. During this time I have been trained to work in a number of areas at the site, allowing me to perform a variety of tasks and preventing my role from becoming repetitive and tiresome.

The performance based system allows the PMP supervisors and other managerial staff to support their employees and meet targets in a proficient manner, whilst encouraging a welcoming environment to work in.

I get to do interchangeable working hours which allows me to be flexible in which days I work, allowing a greater control of work and social life than I have encountered with previous employers.

PMP keep in close contact to ensure they provide ample notice of shift cancellation as well as the opportunity to regain hours through overtime.

So far working for the agency has been a pleasant experience and therefore I would recommend working for PMP over others.

Lillian Henley

I have enjoyed working for PMP since 2014. I also worked for them previously between Autumn 2013 through the Christmas busy period packing at the Fenny Lock warehouse in Bletchley Milton Keynes- everything has always run smoothly while working for the company.

Marek Zigmund

I have been working for PMP since August 2012 and at Fenny Lock since June 2013.

I can say there is no better working conditions than at Fenny Lock. Working here is less stressful than other places I have worked and I always come to work in a positive mood. We always have opportunities to improve our skills and gain new ones which makes our job more interesting.

I was recently made a Supervisor by PMP  for the Christmas peak and have been kept on in this position, there are very good opportunities to progress within the site and with PM

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